The dissolution of one’s marriage is a very difficult and emotionally charged process.  This is true for both the person who wants the divorce as well as for the person who may not want it.  The attorneys at Remley & Sensenbrenner, S.C., will assist you though every step of the process, from the commencement of the action with the filing and service of the initial papers through the entry of a judgment being issued by the Court.  You will be informed and advised on all of the potential issues that may arise in your action, including child custody, child placement, the division of your assets and debts and the establishment of child support, family support and/or maintenance.  You will also be advised of your rights and responsibilities throughout the entire process.  The attorneys at Remley & Sensenbrenner, S.C., have expertise and many years of experience in handling all types of divorce actions – from those that are uncontested to those that must be resolved by Court decision. 

Other related areas include:

• Legal Separation

• Marital Agreements

• Collaborative Divorce

• Mediation

• Paternity

• Post Judgments Motions

• Custody and Placement Disputes

• Adoptions

• Name Changes